The Best Beginner Poker Books For Beginners

If you’re new to poker, or just starting out, one of the best things you can do is read some good beginner poker books. These books will give you the fundamental knowledge and strategies needed to become a winning player. Some of the most successful players in the game have put their thoughts down on paper and these books will help you get a grasp of the game’s strategy from the inside out.

A classic in the world of poker, Harrington on Hold’em is a must-read for any beginner. This book will teach you the fundamentals of the game, including starting hand ranges, positioning, and more.

Written by a professional poker player who played among the best in the world, this is a timeless book that will help you develop your own style of play. While some of the concepts and ideas may be outdated, this is a must-read for any beginner looking to make a strong start in the poker world.

Alton Hardin’s Essential Poker Math is another great poker book for beginners that will teach you the math behind Texas Hold’em. The author takes a different approach to the material, breaking down hands and explaining how the math works in a more digestible way.

For beginners who are interested in mixed games, High-Low Split Poker is a great resource. This book will teach you the basic strategy of mixed games, including 7 Card Stud and Omaha 8. While it may be a bit outdated in some areas, the fundamentals are still very important for any beginner.

Ed Miller’s The Course is a great poker book for beginners who are interested in tournament play. This book will help you see the game of poker from a new perspective and show you how to make adjustments in difficult situations. It is also an excellent read for experienced players who want to improve their tournament game.

If you’re a fan of game theory, Andrew Martin’s The Game Plan is a must-read. This book will help you understand the theory of poker, from betting on value to exploiting mistakes that your opponents make.

Joe Navarro’s Verbal Poker Tells is a great book for those who enjoy playing live poker. This book covers a lot of the tells that your opponents might reveal with their body language and other behavior. This is an important aspect of poker if you’re going to play any form of the game live.

Nelson’s Kill Everyone is a great poker book for beginners who want to learn how to up their aggression in tournaments and sit n go’s. This book will teach you how to use advanced tactics and analyzes to gain a significant edge over your competition. It is a must-read for any beginner who wants to make the transition from cash games to tournaments.

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